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Go Kart Mini Bike Authority - Nothing can match our love for go karts!

When I was young, my 4 best friends and I ALL had mini bikes. One day, my uncle was expecting a delivery truck without telling us what was on board. When the driver unloaded it, it was a small crated box with little markings. He hauled it into my grandfather's shop and went to work on the assembly. A couple of hours later, we heard it start. It was a brand new racing go kart he had ordered from J.C. Whitney. This was an amazing turn of events for all of us. Our love for our mini bikes was compounded by a NEW love for go karts ...and the race was on to see which one of us could build the fastest, best-looking go kart between the five of us.

I gave it my best shot and came up with a great kart. My grandfather owned and operated a lawn mower store (where I got a tiller engine) and the rest was slowly gathered and assembled. The hyme joints for the steering was the hard part, which I scored at a camper sales. As I grew, I handed it down and they handed it down. The joy we felt from our go karts was exhilerating.

Our mini bikes were none-the-less loved by us as much as ever, though, because one could cover more ground with them. A ride to Wiard's pond was in order almost every day after school where we would stop and fish with fishing line held in our hands. Ahhhh, yes ...those were the good ol' days. Nothing I ever did again has ever satisfied me with a gratification for building what I rode than my mini bike ...and then some go karts ...Those days were, by far, some of the best days of my life. They will be in yours, too.

Go Karts are a different kind of fun than mini bikes are. With a go kart, it's racing really close to the ground. With a mini bike, it's whole new ball game. Get a mini bike or go kart kit. You'll probably never have more fun in your life or share more good times with your kids than with one of these to race around on!


I would like to thank Go Kart Mini Bike Authority for all the help you gave me in building a kart for my two boys. Sometimes, there are questions I just don't know the answer to. You guys are the greatest!

Tom Jaffary

My boys are go kart enthusiasts and they found your site online after breaking a cable on their kart. The service I received in getting the right one has them back out in the school parking lot (after hours, of course). Thanks!

Linda Grey

I love the parts selection that you guys offer and have yet to come to your site looking for something and not find it. Not only do I find it, I always find parts that I didn't realize I needed until I see them - I love your site!

Curtis Carlson